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BSU GIMM Senior Showcase 2022

The senior showcase started off hectic for me. I wasn't able to find all my reserved items when I came in to setup and luckily I had planned ahead by brining my own Laptop/VR set to use. I also had a great support system of classmates who checked on me to see if I needed help setting up. Once evrything was good to go, I was able to talk with several visitors and elaborate on my game idea. I had visitors of all ages, students and non students, classmates and friends, all compliment me on my hard work. I am glad people were able to experience my VR demo and grasp some of my concepts in my game, while also being scared lol.

Feel free to check out my demo reel on my Gallery page and download my Game Poster in the link below. :)

Download PDF • 4.44MB

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