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The Baby Blanket 2.0

This is the updated version of my Baby Blanket 1.0 model which I created for my senior showcase minigame demo. I wanted to create a monster that resembled a worm but also symbolized pain, agony and the feeling of "wishing I was never born". A monster that stems from a character in my VR minigame demo.


Challenges: The biggest challenge I had with this remodel was a much higher polycount. You can see the blue mesh model was a "reduced" polycount version of my highpoly model which I sculpted originally. I then retopologized the blue mesh model and the result is the green mesh model in the right image. I went from 900k>300k>13k for the final polycount. 

I also manually unwrapped the UV mesh, mapped out the shells and created a texture for the model using these organized and clean UV map.

Worm LP Model and UV font.png
Collage 1.png
Collage 2.png
Collage 3.png
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