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Finished the first semester of the GIMM program at BSU, and it was definitely a game changer for me lol. I learned some basic skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier and After Effects along with the basics of coding in Animate. I also got the chance to create two different games. The first one being a solo project called "Catch Em All", which was built off a basic shooting style type game which I made into a Pokemon themed game. The second game was "Damsel N Distress" a maze game that a group and myself worked on. It is based of Hercules and involves him saving Meg in the maze from the terrifying creatures which lurk the maze. I even started working on my first animation project which is due Spring 2019, I will post samples of it when it is completed. This first semester taught me a lot about myself. It help me understand that I am very patient, open minded, willing to adapt and able to work well alone and with others, ESPECIALLY under stressful time sensitive situations. I am excited to see what the second semester will teach me.


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