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GIMM Y1 Complete :)

First year of the BSU GIMM Program is complete!!!!! I wrapped up the second semester with our interactive mobile comic, our interactive informative animation, a background image illustration of my school and my final animation video. I will say the projects came fast and hit us hard, but we just had to run with the flow. Each week our group met up, anywhere from 4-8 hour sessions, and we did an awesome job as a team. Each week I felt happier with my work and just like that, the semester came to an end. Professor Ellertson is an amazing human being who has been nothing but patient, kind and welcoming, as all teachers should be. I look forward to working on a few side projects over the summer until the 2nd year hits in the fall.

Here is a link to my animation, the first of its kind, but definitely not the last :)

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